John W. Mack

September 4, 2017

It’s been a while since I read a book by Lloyd Johnson so it was very nice to be reintroduced to this talented and gifted writer and storyteller. His latest book The Best Possible Angle is not a good book--but a Damn GREAT book! This book is a masterpiece of psychological realism, moral and inner conflict that drives the motives, circumstances and internal actions of the characters that builds the suspense of this book. The Best Possible Angle, gives the reader, the protagonist, Kendrick Black, an-up-and coming actor who has a possible chance of fulfilling his life-long dream of becoming an A-List celebrity, but when faced with a traumatic event that could derail those dreams, Kendrick must employ thoughts, feelings and motivations to determine if external greatness and desires are more important than his mental state and honesty. This book is beautifully and intelligently written because through the depths of the action and plot, there is a dramatic question that is offered to the reader in the sense of “What would her or she do in Kendrick’s circumstance.” To be truthfully honest, I would like to say that I would do the moral thing but I’ve never been in a situation like Kendrick. But what I do know is that Lloyd involved so many wonderful dramatic elements and unconventional characters to this book that it boiled over with suspense and conflict. Besides Kendrick, the reader is introduced to Sabathany Morris, Kendrick’s girlfriend, who has her own best interest at heart; then Lenox Hunter, Kendrick’s best friend, who would do just about anything for Kendrick; then Paris Black, Kendrick’s’ sister, who is in love with the wrong person and Brenda Vaughn, Kendrick’s publicist and agent, who will stop at nothing to see that Kendrick become a success. If you add those characters, a few sub-characters, deceit, lies, mysteries, blackmail, murder and conflict then you have one heck of a book that is very entertaining and thought provoking and that book is The Best Possible Angle. I have to say that book starts off at a good pace and never slows down. It is wonderfully written and it flows from beginning to end. This book is smart, edgy, witty, engaging and sinfully satisfying. This book evoked many emotions from me such as anger, sadness, compassion, anticipation, surprise and pity. This book is one of my summer’s guilty pleasures. I will highly recommend this book to anyone that wants to be entertained as though on a rollercoaster ride. So I suggest that you run to purchase The Best Possible Angle. I truly hope that there is a second book. Lloyd Johnson has done a terrific job of creating a book that capitalizes on our moral and ethical compass as well as entertain.

Amanda Dawnon

November 24, 2017

A new movie star hits it big at the beginning of The Best Possible Angle by Lloyd Johnson but soon finds himself in the middle of not one, two, but three police cases that involve his girlfriend, best friend, and sister. To make matters even more complicated he also finds himself changing love interests midway through the whole ordeal. Can Kendrick deal with the crime he has committed or will he turn himself in? Will everyone honor the blackmail agreements they have on each other or who will win out on the blackmail agreements? Are the main characters really capable of murder? All these and more are questions you’ll be flipping through to the last pages of the book to find the answers to. The characters to this book are absolutely stunning. I can’t remember the last book I read where by the end of the book I was disappointed in every single character that was developed but still loved the book. The choices the characters make over the course of the story are life changing and very serious choices and none of them made good ones. Some of the characters were more easy to like such as Brenda and Kendrick but by the end of the story I felt I had misjudged their characters and they were just as bad as the characters who felt like the villain from the beginning of the book. My favorite character for most of the book was Brenda. I can relate to her and I felt like the relationship she had in the book was very realistic for us big girls and the esteem issues she had. I was also drawn in by the way she handled herself but not caving in to the relationship from the start and the language she used to make herself the prize. I liked Kendrick because he seemed to be humble despite having mad it big and was connected with his family. I think his actions at the end of the book shocked me the most however. The plot was very exciting and full of plot twists. There seemed to be new details and murders throughout the entire book which truly kept me guessing till the end right along with the police who were trying to solve them. Multiple characters’ perspectives were used which gave away different clues and kept the air of mystery. Each character had different chapters but they were shorter chapters and kept the reader interested in everyone’s role in the story as well. The book was well edited and laid out. Each chapter was able to move the story along and added something to the overall development and everything as in sync. This is a very well written, fast packed thriller/mystery book with lots of murder and secrets to keep any reader interested and turning till the final page. The characters are unforgettably and though they make horrible choices readers will still want to follow them through the story and find parts of them easy to relate to. I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys this genre.


November 21, 2017

The Best Possible Angle by Lloyd Johnson is a book filled with awful characters that you just can not stop reading. The story centers around Kendrick Black, an up and coming young actor who is set to go A-list, but he becomes involved in a bit and run car accident involving a young girl that threatens his career. There are no super likable characters in this book. Kendrick is a jerk, all the women are either insecure wimps or psychopathic bitches and there are no good family lives. For example, Kendrick is actually a successful actor and instead of being happy about it, he has the worlds most uncomfortable Thanksgiving dinner. Then Sabathany and her mothers quality relationship and Lenox and his infidelity with Kendricks sister that has been going on for decades. I liked that there was some revenge at the end with Sabathany in particular and that Kendrick for not really learn much from his ordeal. I think that is very true to life in some instances. Despite the horrible characters and the terrible situations the author puts them, the reader feels compelled to keep reading. It's like driving past a bad car wreck, you cant look away.

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Lloyd Johnson

Lloyd is a Minnesota native, currently living in Connecticut. He is the author of The Dog Catcher, Tricks for a Trade and is currently writing his third book, The Best Possible Angle. He has dabbled in the creative arts since elementary school, but rediscovered his passion for writing in 2004, and has been working on his craft ever since.



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